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Why join as an AFFILIATE?






Siyakunakekela fits well into the Natural Health category - our pads are 100% cotton, natural absorbent fibres, bio-degradable, plant based protective layer, no plastic, parabens, dyes or fragrances.


Our Affiliate Program is affiliate based marketing, Affiliates are issued a dedicated donation code and will introduce Siyakunakekela on all their  social media platforms, asking their followers to make a monthly donation.

Affiliate commission is 30% of donations received based on the Affiliate Link, payable monthly. As the affiliate's social media presence is large and our non profit requires monthly donations, this opportunity could greatly assist the work we do and provide an additional income for the affiliate.

This is an excellent 'Dropshipping' opportunity for our affiliates. When you ask for donations from your audience, you do not have to worry about storage or distribution. 

You must be older than 18 to be an affiliate.


Content to be shared will be emailed to the affilliates directly. Affiliates are encouraged to follow Siyakunakekela on Instagram @siyasagnels and Facebook 

As period poverty is a monthly cycle our collaboration could be indefinate. Through your presence on various social media platforms affiliates are in an ideal position to spread the word of what Siyakunakekela does and thereby encourage donations, furthering the good work Siyakunakekela does. As Siyakunakekela grows, together with affiliates involvement,



As period poverty is a monthly cycle, the primary goal is to spread the word of what Siyakunakekela does and ask followers, on all social media pages, to help by making monthly donations.


Message and Target Audience

Our message is that all people who menstruate should be celebrated and know that their personal hygiene requirements are a human right. Your target audience is fairly varied however followers who care and would like to help people suffering from period poverty are a good starting point. Our experience shows that all genders feel strongly about this issue


Affiliate Commission

Affiliate based marketing is a performance based marketing campaign. Affiliates will be issued a unique Affiliate ID & Affiliate Link and this is required when your donors make any donations.  Affiliate commission is 30% on all donations received with the affililate code issued. 

Donations can be made on the following payment Affiliate Link:[insert Affiliate ID here] 

or Siyakunakekela NPC bank account:


Gold Business Account

Account number: 63082854514

Branch code: 255355

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

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