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Pit-toilet Project

The daily use of the toilet is mandatory for all of us but for some that daily journey is an unsafe health hazard.

There is an estimated 4 million pit toilets in South Africa, and more than 11 million people in South Africa who do not have access to well sanitized and hygienic toilet systems such as bucket systems or septic tanks.


These unsafe systems are a tremendous health hazard to the people who live in rural areas and informal settlements and to young children who go to school in these areas.


How does Siyakunakekela help?

We have a revolutionary product that converts pit toilet waste into soda ash, carbon dioxide and water. This removes the smell, harmful bacteria, and improves living conditions. Although this product looks like it is sealed in plastic, it is actually made from wheat and cornstarch that dissolves when it comes into contact with water.

The eradication of pit toilets, bucket systems and septic tanks will take decades to accomplish. Our short to medium-term solution is to ensure that we can clean up informal settlements, rural areas and particularly schools

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