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Feminine Hygiene

Every month, millions of young girls’ self-confidence, dignity and health are put to the test because they lack of sanitary pads during their menstrual cycle.

Due to a lack of sanitary pads, many lose out on the learning opportunities they have.

During their menstruation, they are either forced to be absent from school or have to use uncomfortable and unsafe alternative materials which makes concentration on learning that much more difficult.


How does Siyakunakekela help?

We source biodegradable, locally manufactured sanitary towels and distribute them to communities in need. Each box of 10 sanitary pads costs R25 and this cost includes being delivered into the hands of the young girl/woman in need.

Every woman deserves to have their period while feeling confident and comfortable. They need to have their dignity protected and kept intact, therefore we at Siyakunakekela have an initiative of distributing sanitary pads to schools, orphanages, places of safety, hospital patients and community centers.

This allows girls to have a better and more dignified monthly menstrual cycle.

Our goal to end Period Poverty

Our short term goal is to raise 500 000 sanitary pad boxes which will in turn help 41 667 women each month over the next year.


The total cost is R12.5 million any contribution towards this amount is greatly appreciated.

Period Poverty Statistics 

Over 500 million women and girls, nearly 25% of all menstruators, experience “period poverty.” This means they do not have access to feminine hygiene products.

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