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Siyakunakekela cannot be everywhere at once unfortunately, that's why we are turning to you!

Help us expand our reach by becoming a #SiyasAngel.

If you have an area/community in mind that you would like to help you can do so with the help of Siyakunakekela

How it works:

1. Register 

Use the registration form on the kit page to register as a #SiyasAngel. 

2. Purchase the kit of your choice 

You can now purchase any of the Period Poverty or Pit-toilet starter kits provided. Your first kit purchase will be delivered with a complimentary #SiyasAngels T-shirt which you can wear on your distribution

3. Do good 

After Siyakunakekela has provided you with everything you need to help your community it is now up to you to deliver!

Tag Siyakunakekela on your social posts and use the hashtag #SiyasAngels


Register as a #SiyasAngel

Assist Siyakunakekela in making a difference.

Thanks for submitting!

Choose your #SiyasAngels Kit

You can actively change the lives of the people around you. Become a #SiyasAngel and do good in your community

  • Period Poverty Kit

    Do you have a school or know girls that are in need?
    • 24 Boxes of 10 biodegradable sanitary pads (Helps 24 girls)
    • 1 complimentary #SiyasAngels T-shirt
  • Pit-Toilet Kit

    Sanitize the pit-toilet in your area
    • 1 month supply of our Eco-digester (treat 1 toilet)
    • 1 complimentary #SiyasAngels T-shirt
  • Period Poverty Kit 2

    1 250R
    Help more girls in need
    • 50 boxes of 10 biodegradable sanitary pads ( helps 50 girls)
    • 1 complimentary #SiyasAngels T-shirt
  • Pit-toilet Kit 2

    3 000R
    Sanitize 5 pit-toilets in your area
    • 1 month supply for 5 toilets
    • 1 complimentary #SiyasAngels T-shirt

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